So, this happened...
Hi! My name is Zoey but you can call me mom, and I blog for fun when I'm not reading or watching TV. If you want to talk, ask me random questions or compliment me I'm always listening. I apologize for my tragic Sterek obsession.


sitting here legit upset over fanfiction

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"Everybody" by




The start of a little project I’m working on.


I knew it was coming. I knew it. And I’m still laughing.

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


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Dylan O’Brien wins for Break Through Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

Dylan O’Brien wins for Break Through Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

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what you said was very sweet and means a lot to me but i am incapable of properly responding in any way besides “thank you so much aaaah” because i do not know how to accurately express the exact level of my gratitude to where you completely understand how much what you said meant to me without me getting even more emotional and looking like a fucking nerd: an autobiography

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school picture day

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Expecto Patronum 

(by Sara Maese)

Expecto Patronum is my very first illustration project which has the
complementary support of motion graphics with After Effects.

You can also watch this project on Domestika (ES) or my website.
This project has been featured in Domestika.

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the worst things to ever happen to fashion:

  • fake pockets
  • making every single shirt see through
  • seriously why does it have to be see through
  • what is the freaking point i just have to wear another tank top or cami underneath it
  • it literally defeats the purpose of being a shirt
  • and every single shirt is see through these days this annoys me more than fake pockets and trust me that is an issue
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shes like an an alcoholic elementary school teacher

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cute things to call your girlfriend:

1. sugar 
2. honey 
3. flour 
4. egg 
5. 1/2lb butter 
6. stir 
7. pour into pan 
8. preheat to 375°

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"If you have a problem with people living their lives and being authentically who they are, you really should go and do some soul-searching."

Side note: For a moment there I thought she was going to say “You really should go fuck yourself” but I suppose this is a lot more graceful and polite :P

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